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Become Your Own Boss

Have you noticed when you're on Instagram that you find accounts with users just promoting travel in the Caribbean or a sponsored ad that says you also can make money and travel? Well, I have, and what a cool idea but how do these people create a job by posting photos? I have always thought, who would pay me to travel and promote a location or business? Well, it's possible and it's done through Influencer Marketing.

As shown in the image below, ThriveHive, a popular marking account company shared my post with the 6032 followers they have via Instagram. Not only am being noticed for the marking I am doing for the business I work for but I am also promoting their social media calendar. This is where I am influencing the followers I have and or the followers who notice my post via the #hastags I use to contact and follow ThriveHive. ThiveHive could come back to me and say since I'm doing so well promoting them they would like to make me an office to encourage me to follow my passion while promoting the

Ifluencers are bringing more awareness to brands so the companies can focus on other aspects. Why not have your biggest fans help promote you while telling a story of the products or offers you have. Target has Emily Henderson who helps blog and shares images via her Instagram account as a social media influencer.

I have included some great articles about Influencer Marketing, How to become an Influencer Marketer and a little behind the scenes with 60 minutes; The Influencers.

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