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A Day in the Life

Sand bar around water looking at a island

“Life is a journey, not a destination” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Life is a journey, whether that is at work or at home because neither of these is your destinations in life. My daily routine is different from most, first, I do not work a normal 9-5 job! My day starts around 11 am and I am at work until 1 am. I am awakened to the alarm and notifications on my phone, but before I get into details of what notifications I have, I should let you know what I do for work.

I am currently an evening hotel manager at The NASWA Resort on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Besides booking rooms, and taking care of our guests, I am also assisting with our digital footprint. I help with our social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. I also help create flyers and ads for events at the resort. To add to that busy schedule, I also help with the social media for the Laconia Motorcycle Week Rally Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts; I also sell Avon products and help assist my parent's new adventure of opening a boat repair business in Moultonborough called Marine Service Technology. To help my parents, I have created a website for them, an ad for a local publication and setting up the business on the different social media accounts.

So, back to how my day starts with a bunch of notifications which mostly come from Instagram and Facebook, as I schedule many of our posts in advance. The content we use for these accounts is often created in-house using a couple different programs via PC or an application on your cell phone. The first program is something that is downloaded for our PC, called LumaPix. I am able to add images with text overlays, shadows, etc... The second is the Photofy app, which is an app for your phone. I can create so much by using different text overlays or business templates, one example is the image above on this post!

I've learned how to use many programs by myself and independent research, or suggestions from friends who recommended the program. My satisfaction with the many apps and programs I have access to, such as Photoshop, Camera+, Hootsuite, and others if very positive. They all have a characteristic which is very beneficial to the business where I work.

The tools I have found have been from either a friend, the process of elimination or signing up for emails from a couple social media blogs. One that has a major influence and tool has been Social Media Examiner. Other companies such as Old Navy, Lush, Lakeside Collection, Bath & Body Works, and Kirkland's which are a few of the emails I check out daily. I like the catchy headings of these emails. Most of the others which are about 75 other emails, which I will just delete until something comes up where I am in need of an item or sale. Wait! That was my one personal email account. I also have my work email, which has more marketing emails, my Avon email and then my father's business email! SO MUCH!!! Ahhhhh

Anyway, that's my typical day besides taking phone calls and booking rooms. My head is always in digital media and social media marketing. I really love my job and super excited that I have found a passion where I can also use my creative side. It's opened my eyes also on how I see TV ads, newspapers, magazines, emails, Facebook, Instagram, etc... Everywhere you look there is marketing, and it's what makes you want to purchase something, or how your feeling (the TV ads for food are the worst unless your shopping hungry and see aisle display for Oreo's! teehee).

See you soon everyone for another exciting post, but remember to please comment with any questions!

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