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5 S.M.A.R.T Goals for Marketing

Who doesn’t want to achieve the best possible results for a business, but you need to set your expectations at a realistic, achievable and measurable goals. So, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket when you are creating your goals. For example, you don’t want to shoot for the stars and then be disappointed. To create a positive marketing campaign, you’ll want to set a SMART goal. This is a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

All businesses starting out and or those who have been opened for years still need to set measurable goals that are easily attainable, realistic yet in a timely manner. Let’s say for example my father’s business, Marine Service Technology. The business works on boat engines around Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Currently, our Facebook page has 90 likes, a specific goal would be for us to set out and get 10 more likes which will it make it 100. Facebook will also give us more analytics once we reach 100 likes.

Next would be to measure this goal. To do this we will need to use our Page Manager tab and or app to watch the new likes. One way to get more likes would be to post a Facebook Paid Ad, to showcase our business to locals in the area, who already enjoy boating or Lake Winnipesaukee. Once the ad is set you can track how many people have seen it vs how many have liked it. You can change the details of the ad while its set. Example instead of targeting locals who like boating and Lake Winnipesaukee, we may want to target those who live in Mass, and like the lake. We may also want to test this for a week and view the results. Especially if we meet our goal within that first week, it’s better not to waste our budget.

To make sure your goal is attainable, you want to review the goal. If we set out to get 100 new likes in a month, that might be realistic. To make sure you stick to that realistic thinking, you don’t want your measurable goal to happen overnight, but you also don’t want to wait a year to meet your goal. Setting our goal to get 10 more likes in over a month would be a SMART goal to end the year with!

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