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Responsable for the day to day business duties along with overseson the all digital campaigns, following company budgets, so we can achieve each objective our clients set forth. Our business passion is to help other small businesses grow by lending a hand with marketing needs. Her speciality is Social Media & Email Marketing. 


Currently attending classes to expand are graphic needs.  

Owner/Chief Marketing Officer

Michelle Frahm

aaron a.jpg

Oversees and implements digital campaigns, responsible for laying out projects, creating timelines, setting milestones, managing budgets, developing content tailored to a company’s objectives and target audience.  Strong knowledge of analytic tools to find out which topics engage the audience and drive traffic to view the company’s digital media, strong organization, communication and collaborative skills. 

Google Ads Manager

Aaron Anderson


Always on the hunt for new creative ideas and images to help our client succeed. 

Market Research

Nikki Lynn


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